11 Temmuz 2018

28th Anniversary of FIME International Medical Expo

FIME International Medial Expo will open the doors to visitors 28th time in Orlando, FL. The fair is going to start on July 17, 2018 and close on July 19, 2018. FIME, which is the largest medical fair of America continent, will take place in Orange county Convention Centre. In addition, 21.723 healthcare professionals will attend the fair and 1202 company will show their new and used medical and hospital equipment, healthcare products and supplies.

FIME will host a laboratory named MEDLAB Americas. The lab has 163 laboratory product category and it will be a bridge between healthcare industry and laboratory industry. On the other hand, the fair will bring together distributors and dealers in Dealer & Distributor Wall. In addition, there is a seminar during fair named Exhibition and Education. Infection control, hospital supply chain and digital health are basic topics of the seminar.

As Suno Medikal, we show interest to global fairs regarding healthcare sector as well as design, produce and sales of wall type monitor stands and mobile monitor stands for healthcare sector. Additionally, we perform AR-GE studies, and work for defibrillator trolleys and ECG trolleys as well as customized Workstation.


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