Cryptocurrency & Suno Medical

The world has always been a place that improves itself. And countries, societies, and companies that keep up with this change have always been successful and pioneers. Communities that follow these changes well, investigate the changes in detail, and integrate these changes are very successful compared to other communities. Nowadays, with the new era, one […]

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Pandemic and The Digital World

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Now, We’ve Got ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Document

Meeting the customers’ expectations and needs is one of significant target of today’s corporate companies. As Suno Medikal, we applied for ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System document to get our customers’ feedback and possible complaints. After reviewing process, it is realized that our company meets the required standards. In this manner, we […]

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Düsseldorf Medica 2018 Fair starts on November 12

Medica 2018, one of the biggest fairs in which medical materials are introduced, starts in Düsseldorf, Germany. The organization, which is going to open its doors to visitors on November 12, is going to end on November 15, 2018. At Medica Fair, Europe’s leading event held annually, those engaged in the following fields take place: […]

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ORGATEC 2018 Starts in Cologne

Orgatec Fair, organized every year in Cologne, Germany, opens its doors to visitors on October 23 this year. In the framework of the organization, which hosts more than 50 thousand visitors every year, participants try to take opportunities and to gather information on the future of the modern working world. Having an important position among […]

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28th Anniversary of FIME International Medical Expo

FIME International Medial Expo will open the doors to visitors 28th time in Orlando, FL. The fair is going to start on July 17, 2018 and close on July 19, 2018. FIME, which is the largest medical fair of America continent, will take place in Orange county Convention Centre. In addition, 21.723 healthcare professionals will […]

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Like a Sunrise from Samsun on May 19

The date of May 19, 1919 means a turning point for Turkish history. Ataturk’s first step which comes from Istanbul to Samsun also means a youth movement and he dedicated this date to youth. Because the concept of youth is an important issue for Ataturk. This concept related with age and ideas. That is why […]

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